Rights of way

Cambridgeshire County Council has secured free use of mapping information from the Ordnance Survey in order to help more people to get out and about to enjoy the Cambridgeshire Countryside.

Information is availble via the Council’s Countryside Access and Rights of Way Team at Find your rights of way

Cambridgeshire County Council  Rights of Way &  Access Team have provided Parish Councils with an electronic version of the GIS map for its area showing registered public paths along with commons, greens and permissive paths. This was made available as a pdf at a scale of 1:10000 and the copy for our parish accompanies this letter is shown here. If anyone would like the file sent to them by e-mail (pdf file) please contact the Parish Council.

rights of way parish map

Please note that there may be some paths shown in unexpected places. This is because C.C.C. are still part way (approximately 30% parishes complete) through their project to consolidate the Definitive Map. As a result, what is shown on the other 70% of parishes includes the strictly legal line of every path, and this may not reflect recent or even past diversions where the legal work is not yet complete. If you have any major concerns, please contact C.C.C. Rights of Way &  Access Team  by email at Chris.Tucker@cambridgeshire.gov.uk However, please be assured that C.C.C. are on track to have the legal work for all parishes completed by mid-2012.



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