Kings Ripton Parish Council

Kings Ripton Parish Council comprises of 5 Councillors. Parish Council meetings are open to the public. Agendas are posted on the notice board by the village hall three days before the meeting, and can be found on this website.

Meetings are held bi-monthly in the Village Hall, School Lane, Kings Ripton, PE28 2NL, on a Tuesday at 7.00pm.

Please check the website for the agenda, and a schedule of meetings can be viewed on the calendar on this website. Everyone is welcome.


Mr Philip Rayner
Tel: 01487 773380


Mr Paul Bassitt (Vice Chair)

Miss Rebecca Rayner
Tel: 01487 773282

Judy Archer


The parish council have one vacancy which can be considered for co-option. (Please see the co-option policy which applies below.)

Parish Clerk

The Parish Clerk is the Proper Officer of the Council and as such is under a statutory duty to carry out all the functions, and in particular to serve or issue all the notifications required by law of a local authority’s Proper Officer. The Clerk is totally responsible for ensuring that the instructions of the Council in connection with its functions as a Local Authority are carried out.

Mrs Samantha Sharp
Tel. 07927 530538


Postal Address: The Old Vine, 59 The Row, Sutton, Cambridgeshire, CB6 2PB

St Peters Church – North Leightonstone Benefice

The Rector

Reverend Mandy Flaherty

Tel: 01480 896541
Mob: 07593 311568

Your Church Wardens

Mrs Bronwen Rayner
Tel: 01487 7733380
Mob: 07913 277632

Your PCC members

Mrs Bronwen Rayner (Secretary, Churchwarden, Electorol Role Officer, Parish Safeguarding Officer)
Tel: 07913 277632

Mrs Ros Carey-Townsend (Treasurer & Gift Aid Officer)
Tel: 01487 773493

Reverend Mandy Flaherty (Chair, Rector)
See above

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