Bicycle Thefts – Crime Update

This is a message sent via eCops. This information has been sent on behalf of Cambridgeshire Constabulary

I sent a message on 9th June advising that we had seen an increase in cycle theft, where 50% had been left insecure with 2 thirds of those in gardens. We have seen 32 offences every month since 1st April.

Since 1st July there has been what appears to be a slight decrease with 12 offences being reported to date, unfortunately 7 of those were insecure and two others secured only by a lock through the frame and a wheel.

Please see the advice below again to help reduce these crimes and your chance of becoming a victim: –

  • Always lock your cycle wherever you leave it – to designated cycle racks or other immovable objects that the cycle cannot be lifted over. (Do not just lock the frame to the wheel)
  • Invest in the best lock(s) you can afford – for maximum protection use two locks of different types (a D-lock of good quality and a robust chain and padlock). Use each lock to catch wheels, frame and fixed object.
  • Leave it in a well-lit public area, if possible where lots of people frequent or it is covered by CCTV
  • At home – do not leave cycles unlocked in gardens or at the side of houses, even for a few seconds – that is all it takes to remove an insecure cycle.
  • Lock cycles in sheds and garages, where possible to other items – consider the purchase of either ground or wall anchors. Consider shed alarms.
  • Keep them out of sight – consider net curtains on shed windows.
  • Consider marking the cycle with a permanent mark  and register with
To help us catch the offenders committing these crimes please report any suspicious activity in your neighbourhood either by Email to, call our non-emergency number 101 or to remain anonymous call crime-stoppers on 0800-555111.If you witness an emergency or ongoing incident call 999

Dave Griffin
Crime Reduction Officer

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