Application reference 21/00784/FUL at Glebe Farm, Kings Ripton

Pathfinder House, St Mary’s Street 

01480 388424 

Huntingdon. PE29 3TN 

Irene Healiss 

5 Blenheim Road, 



PE26 1AL 


PE28 4RW 

Our Ref : 21/00784/FUL 

13th May 2021 

Dear Clerk 


Land At Glebe Farm School Lane Kings Ripton  

Enclosed is the form relating to the above application. 

I would be grateful to receive any views your Council would wish to make in respect of the proposed development. Any representations made should be representations of the Parish Council as such and not of individuals and should include material planning reasons for any recommendation of approval or refusal. 

Residential neighbours abutting the site will be notified of its submission and invited to make comments. I will suggest to them that they may wish to let you have a copy of their comments but would remind you that it is inappropriate to delay your recommendation for this. 

I should be pleased to receive your Council’s views as soon as possible or in any case by 4th June 2021. 


The application including documents and plans, is also available to view from Huntingdonshire District Council’s Web site at It is also possible to submit any comments you care to make direct from this site to this office. Alternatively, you may submit comments by post, email or fax. The quickest way to submit comments is by e-mail to 

If you wish to discuss this matter further, please contact Planning Reception on Direct Dial 01480 388424 or the case officer Lewis Collins via email to 

Yours faithfully

Clara Kerr 

Services Manager – Growth

Pathfinder House, St Mary’s Street 

01480 388424 

Huntingdon. PE29 3TN 

Head of Planning Services 

Pathfinder House 

St. Mary’s Street 


Cambridgeshire PE 29 3TN 

Application Number: 21/00784/FUL Case Officer Lewis Collins 

Proposal: Proposed grain store. 

Location: Land At Glebe FarmSchool LaneKings Ripton 

Observations of Kings Ripton Town/Parish Council. 

Please √ box as appropriate 

 Recommend approval because ……(please give relevant planning reasons in space below) 

 Recommend refusal because…(please give relevant planning reasons in space below) 

 No observations either in favour or against the proposal  

Irene Healiss Clerk to Kings Ripton Town/Parish Council. (For GDPR purposes please do not sign) Date : 

Failure to return this form within the time indicated will be taken as an indication that the Town or Parish Council do not express any opinion either for or against the application. 

Please send response to email address below:- 

(Development Management)

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